Posted by: Noni | September 26, 2011

Old Book, New Perspective – How Our Experiences in Life Can Affect Comprehension

You Are What You Read

Last year I picked up a copy of The Tibetan Book on Living and Dying and started reading it again. I can’t pinpoint the exact date that I originally read it… possibly in the late 80’s or early 90’s… but I can tell you that I don’t remember a word of it.  There was no obvious impact or lasting impression from the first exposure.  (Not even the slightest familiarity.)

The second time around was an entirely different phenomenon.  I had lived through some life altering experiences and my perspectives and willingness to adopt new ideas had expanded as a result. The book now made perfect sense to me. Each word carrying a specific weight and significance.  The funny thing is that, I’m certain I had fully understood the book on its first read.

Perhaps the lessons were at a more rudimentary level and I really did absorb details and information that were carried like a seed of change waiting to burst from within some 20 years later.

We’ve all experienced that same discovery. How many times have you watched a film you thought was hilarious, but found a bit offensive on different occasion. Or, have you ever ridden a big roller coaster and run excitedly back into line for a second thrilling rush… only to be let down by having been desensitized to the twists, turns and loop-d-loops.  (Well, maybe you’re not the same adrenaline rush junkie that I am, but I hope you get the point)

Our mood, environment and knowledge play a huge role in determining our tastes and style.  I’m glad I never got hooked on horror or reeled in by reality shows. I believe more than ever, we are what we eat. That translates over all boundaries of human interaction… what we read, what we see, what we play…

What did you have for breakfast?

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