Posted by: Noni | August 16, 2011

Taking virtual learning to Africa

I started the week off by taking stock of all the projects I’m working on. Being an independent producer with an entrepreneurial outlook, I have many irons in many fires. When people ask me the question,

“What do you do for a living?”

I cringe at the idea of attempting to boil down a catalog  of complex and important projects into a title or phrase… I’m in banking or… I’m a dentist.

“I’m a Transmedia Producer”

It’s a buzz word, Transmedia… means I get to work on various levels of development, execution and deployment of films, games, stories, interactive web… on a variety of platforms across a spectrum of medias.

I realize how blessed I am to be able to create and produce my own visions. I can pick my own topics (Things I’m passionate about) and tell stories that bring awareness while entertaining.  With technologies improving and becoming more accessible the way we learn and do business is changing. Experts can “connect” via the internet to students and young business leaders to help shape the future.

A group of academics south of the equator are proving that children can teach themselves if given the right tools.  Read the full story here:  Taking virtual learning to Africa.

I am grateful for the ability to take part in building a sustainable industry, voice and vehicle for its people.  Africa is full of raw, untapped potential. The youth represent a future that can be peaceful and plentiful.

As part of my vision to nurture and develop a sustainable Entertainment & Technology industry in South Africa (and Africa) I have created several film and media programs. We are actively developing a slate of productions while collaborating with musicians, artists, government and business to empower youth through building a knowledge based community.

It’s important that people around the world unite with Africa by reaching out to the masses who live such impoverished existences.  Through leadership and by providing tools for success we can generate a ripple of change that will impact mankind positively.

While current efforts to provide emergency aid to millions of displaced refugees in the horn of Africa we are once again reminded that education is the only permanent solution. Knowledge is power. Share the power.

If you are interested in being involved as a business partner, investor, mentor or supporter of any of my projects please contact me via direct email at


  1. Very cool projects Allison good luck!


    • Thanks EZPC!


  2. Noni, aloha. So glad we connected. Your projects look fascinating.

    Though I imagine they already know about it, here is a wonderful resource for virtual learning:

    Noni, I look forward to “getting to know you . . .” as I read your posts and connect through the comments section. Until next time, aloha. Janet


    • Great site Janet! I hadn’t seen it yet, will forward to Gien as well.
      Thanks! (Mahalo?)


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