Posted by: Noni | December 10, 2020

Origin of Conspiracy Theories

Before you start labeling someone as a conspiracy theorist ask yourself these questions:

Noni Alison, Vancouver 2015

Where did the term come from?

What is the actual meaning?

How has it been used to control the public narrative and flow of information?

Who is it protecting? Hurting?

The term, conspiracy theory, was first documented around 1870 but wasn’t used much until the 1950s. A report by the CIA was released in 1967 that included the plural, conspiracy theories, but it wasn’t publicly known until a FOIA (Freedom of information act) request released the document in the ’70s.  It was shortly afterward that the meaning of the coined term took on a negative impact.

People are heavily influenced by trends in the media so it’s not surprising there’s been a calculated movement against the term since its introduction.

Also known as Predictive Programming, there are orchestrated messages planted in news, media, and entertainment designed to achieve a select behavioral response.

In 1997 Mel Gibson and Julia Roberts starred in a feature film called, Conspiracy Theory. The political action thriller about an eclectic taxi driver and an attorney for the Justice department did well at the box office but got mixed reviews.

Very typically Gibson’s character is portrayed as mentally unbalanced and shunned by those around him.  This being even though he was absolutely on target with his case.

There have been countless films made on this topic and thousands of videos that debate the existence of conspiracy and corruption.

Confusion around the term is absolutely integral to the success of the overall vilification of the term. When people are confused, they resist acceptance.

Within the past 30 years, a negative connotation for the term conspiracy theorist has become thematic in media, films and programming.

The label has gotten even more traction since Trump attacked the mainstream media and a rising awareness against Fake News. Many journalists, citizens, and patriots worldwide who speak against the orchestrated narrative or are exposing the truth, even with ample evidence, data, and documentation are swiftly debunked by so-called fact-checkers and labeled conspiracy theorists. 

I spent several weeks doing due diligence on several fact-checking websites and they all came back with troubling conflicts.  They are either partisan-based or funded by the very organizations that they are supposedly verifying.  Many have CEOs with no experience or credibility yet they are setting precedence about what we are to believe. They have no named sources, supply no evidence for their conclusions, and often quote 3rd party publications as experts.

The label, Conspiracy Theorist is used both as a tool and weapon, a tool of division and a weapon against those who dare speak out. I once cringed at the moniker, was horrified to be called such, but today… I carry that name with pride.

Yes, I have a theory that many are conspiring to oppress and control unjustly but I know we have enough proof of what’s actually happening.  It’s no longer a theory or idea when you have conclusive evidence.  This is where the confusion lies today.

We aren’t getting the straight facts. We’re being spoon-fed slogans, chants, and mantras like, Together We Can, Stay Safe, Stay Home, Do It For Others, Keep Calm and Carry on. 

It’s fascinating to see the same chippy phrases are spouted, ad nauseam, by journalists and politicians, and influencers around the world.  There are regional variations but the message is universally the same. 

I think I’ll put my own SPIN on the term and start referring to myself as a corruption theorist.  With massive leaks, dumps, and hacks of government and corporate data it’s becoming easier and easier to show evidence to doubters.

When I’m not busy writing about propaganda or fake news, I can be found on Facebook adjudicating spats or polishing my tinfoil hat at home.

Be sure to check out my videos on Truth and Isolation at Earth One Media.

Here’s a great video about conspiracy theorists from Candice Owens.


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