There’s no doubt in my mind…. Canada is in dangerous hands.

Government Passes Anti-Constitutional Surveillance Law During Ottawa Shooting.

Posted by: Noni | October 6, 2014

Sheriff’s Office Re-Victimizes Rape Survivors


If you think there’s no such thing as rape culture, you need to read this.

Originally posted on The Belle Jar:

Trigger warning for rape

When Lori O’Brannon found a card in the mail from Clark County Sheriff’s office addressed to her 18 year old daughter Josie, she didn’t give it much thought. The card, a blue, standard post-card sized piece of cardboard, said that the evidence department had something to release to Josie. Lori figured that it was probably something innocent enough, left over from Josie’s wilder days when, as Lori put it, Josie had “been in trouble” a few times. So Lori called the number on the card, made an appointment, and drove Josie to pick up the “evidence.”

Neither of them could have predicted what was actually in the brown paper bag that the Sheriff’s office handed to her: a soiled grey shorts and a pair of women’s underwear. Both Josie and Lori recognized the articles immediately – they were what Josie had been wearing just over three years earlier, when she’d been…

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Posted by: Noni | August 27, 2014

Hand written letters from climate scient

Hand written letters from climate scientists – How they feel about #globalwarming

Posted by: Noni | August 25, 2014

We against They… The Battle Continues

I found this draft in my WordPress dashboard from January 2012. I don’t know why I never published it. It was finished, except perhaps a few tweaks for grammar and spelling, but for the most part complete. What I find most interesting is that it’s more relevant today than it was back then. We’ve come a long way, but our work is far from done.

January 31, 2012

When I think about being a westerner, I think about having certain freedoms. Having traveled to and lived in the east, specifically Muslim countries, I particularly appreciate that I was raised with a privilege that many women don’t have in other countries, freedom.

There’s a lot of hoopla lately about censorship of the internet, privacy acts and democratic rights to peacefully protest. I’ve been paying close attention not only to my corner of the Universe but to the world in general and I’m a bit disturbed by what’s going on. A general movement towards the erosion of our freedoms seems to be taking place.

I wouldn’t believe it if it wasn’t happening to me personally or if I hadn’t witnessed first hand some pretty weird shit. I know I just used a cuss word in my blog and I rarely do that (actually never) but I wanted to get your attention. I’m sure you’ll agree that there’s a lot going on in the way of people-powered change this past year.

Political upheavals, mass occupations, record numbers of signatures on petitions and generous support of humanitarian causes have been front and center both in the mainstream media and our private social networks. I spend 2-3 times more reading and sharing information than I did last year. My social reach has increased and my Klout score has rapidly risen.

Why? Possibly because besides being fed-up, people are afraid. Shit’s going on and we don’t like it. (there I go again with the cussing) We want change. When we discover something that smells rotten, we share it with our friends, and they share it with their friends, and so on and so on.

I no longer think of myself as an individual; as a woman born in the west. I think of myself as part of a greater whole, part of the solution, part of the mass. My horizons have broadened and my connection to my fellow beings has strengthened. Through internet and on the street, I am joined in solidarity. I am no longer alone in my struggles for justice. My posse is behind me, we shout in unison at injustices.

The Big Boys have noticed that we’re stepping up and speaking out… and guess what? They’re starting to play even dirtier. Manipulating government, lobbying for stricter controls, arresting peaceful protesters, suing whistle-blowers, launching smear campaigns and producing anti-truth propaganda… They have deep pockets and will stop at nothing to protect their interests.

Who are THEY? The greedy corporations, corrupt politicians, CEO’s with carbon footprints big enough to stamp out us little guys. And they are doing just that… and they will continue to do so for as long as they can get away with it.

So what are WE supposed to do about it? How do we protect our rights, salvage our crumbling democracy and protect our precious wilderness and resources? We do exactly what we’re already doing. We stand up, speak out, sign petitions, write letters, sit-down (or sit-in) for those who can’t and blow whistles at those who violate us.

Who are We?

Well first off, what we’re NOT…

  • Radical Ideologists
  • Anarchists
  • Terrorists
  • Wing Nuts
  • Hippies or Homeless

We ARE citizens of the world. Global ambassadors of humanity and preservers of the planet. We are proud and strong. We are determined and steadfast. We are NOT giving up.


Posted by: Noni | August 12, 2014

Be of service

Be of service in these and all times of crisis. Collectively, we can make a difference. ~ Noni #SRG  #whatwouldyoudo

Posted by: Noni | August 11, 2014

Be the kind of person who…


Be the kind of person who significantly and  positivly impacts others ~ Noni

Radio Shack Fall Sale newspaper circular 1975 walkie-talkie CB Radio 8-track

We’ve all had people in our past who were instrumental in shaping our lives. A teacher, scout leader, neighbour, clergy… or in my case, my first real boss.  While most of my friends were working for a buck twenty five an hour at the skating rink or the ice cream parlor or flipping burgers, I was learning how to run a business, (Radio Shack) from top to bottom. And, I was getting paid $5 per hour. (Standard was less than $2/hr for most teens then)

It was a dream job for an over achiever like me. I played with CB radios, sold stereos, learned how to build electronic stuff, balanced the register and maintained the inventories. When a customer demanded to speak to the manager, we were to tell them that in his (Herman Gerrits) absence, we were his replacements. He handed me the keys and asked me to close on Friday night, do the bank deposit, and open again Saturday morning.  I think we got extra hours because Herman was pushing us towards excellence.

I never questioned my abilities because he never showed any doubt in them. He was matter of fact when he delegated duties.  I look back now and realize he had a lot of faith in us. I have taken those experiences and built a work ethic that has set me apart from others in my field.

Sadly Herman Gerrits passed away on Mothers Day  this year. I had lost contact with him over the years but thankfully had reconnected via Facebook.  I’m glad I had the opportunity to thank him and share with him my experiences over the 30+ years that had flown by since our days back at the Shack.

He will be missed, but in every project I do, there’s a little bit of Herman… the dedication, enthusiasm and confidence I have today is greatly due to his guidance and encouragement.

If you’re in a position to mentor or lead young people, give them the benefit of the doubt… expect greatness from them and challenge them to push past their comfort levels and have fun!  Herman always loved to have fun!

Posted by: Noni | August 7, 2014

The Last And First Temptation Of Israel

Originally posted on The Dish:

Palestinian Dina in difficulty opening her eyes

What is one to make of the fact that the deputy speaker of the Knesset has called for ethnic cleansing in Gaza?

He’s not an obscure blogger for the Times of Israel. He is a luminary of the Likud – a man who got 23 percent of the vote in a contest for the Likud Party leadership. He was appointed to his current high position by Benjamin Netanyahu. And this is his proposal for Gaza:

a) The IDF [Israeli army] shall designate certain open areas on the Sinai border, adjacent to the sea, in which the civilian population will be concentrated, far from the built-up areas that are used for launches and tunneling. In these areas, tent encampments will be established, until relevant emigration destinations are determined. The supply of electricity and water to the formerly populated areas will be disconnected.

b) The formerly populated areas will be shelled…

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“I #StandWithJada #jadacounterpose – Br

“I #StandWithJada #jadacounterpose – Brave 16-year-old shares story after photos of drugged rape went viral.”

Posted by: Noni | July 2, 2014

“Trees are poems the earth writes upon t

“Trees are poems the earth writes upon the sky, We fell them down and turn them into paper, that we may record our emptiness.”
― Khalil Gibran


Powerful images of tragic conditions. In my travels I have witnessed such oppression. Thanks to Lisa Kristine for capturing these stunning photos of modern day slavery. Be sure to watch the Ted Talk videos for an in depth look at some of these atrocities.

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Even though many of us likely imagine that slavery is a relic of the ancient past, the practice is alive and well. Since 2009, photographer Lisa Kristine has been documenting those caught up in the barbaric trade. Her images are shocking, powerful, in-your-face. Yet they are also dignified portraits of those with no choice. “No matter how dire, how hard their experience of life has been because of their suffering as a slave, these people still have dignity, sensitivity, humanness and beauty,” she said on the phone from her home in California, shortly before another trip saw her head off to southeast Asia. “These images are not intended to be spectacles of horror; they’re intended to engage people in connecting so we realize we’re all brothers and sisters.” Here, take a look at 17 of Kristine’s astonishingly powerful photographs.

Here, watch Lisa Kristine’s TED Talk, Photos that bear witness to modern slavery — and three other TED Talks that…

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