Posted by: Noni | July 5, 2020

The New Normal  – A Poem

Confined by fear and uncertainty. 

Billions cowering like well trained dogs.

Masked, distanced and conforming as instructed.

Lashing out at dissenters …those, murderous, selfish beasts.

Hoarders snatching from each other’s loaded carts.

Less fortunate begging for meager rations.

Social media the venting ground. 

Algorithms silence legitimacy for consistencies sake.

Citizens betrayed by those they trust.

Together We Can, Be safe/Stay home, Black Lives Matter.

A barrage of slogans clogging our feeds and our minds. 

Swallowing a pill called Democracy.

Our votes an illusion cloaked in the deceit of election.

Candidate Blue or Candidate Red; same Puppet Masters.

Billions enslaved by a few. 

Days playing out like a sci-fi thriller.

Bio warfare, DEW’s, social engineering; …weapons of the elite.

Rigged systems, electoral fraud and decayed education fuel our demise.

Social media amplifying fear, division and suspicion.

Conspiracy Theory, Fake News, Russian Bots and Chinese Trolls.

Injustice sparks public outrage.

Balled up fists and cardboard signs collide in futility.

Mainstream News masquerading as impartial authority.

Celebrities with megaphones regurgitating hypocrisy. #MeToo.

We share a prison made of our own stupidity. 

Rub the sleep from your eyes. 

Turn on your critical thinking.   

Search for, and arm yourself, with truth.

Question everything, verify all.

Never give in, to the new normal.



  1. This part of the New Normal I agree with, don’t give in to cruelty and greed. But the positive New Normal I’m behind that… Nice poem..

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Efrona.


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