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Pizzagate is FAKE, but not everyone is convinced.


It took me a while to fully grasp what was happening. Like many others, I was being censored. What I couldn’t figure out was… why? For many months my research progressed normally. I experienced the usual roadblocks but trusted my instincts and forged on. With each search I discovered successive leads to follow up on. Just as video gamers hunt and explore for clues toward reaching the next level or finding rumored treasure,  I followed a trail of articles, videos and public records to validate my suspicions. Last winter I spent 4 months exploring Peru. I was investigating the environmental impact and modern day influences affecting the Indigenous people (specifically as a result of resource extraction by foreign powerhouses) and almost a year later I’m still digging for verifiable, conclusive proof of the crimes I witnessed.



The internet is vast. It sucks you in, swirls you around and spits you out in random yet calculated measures. Some people find it tedious to search for  facts. I find it fascinating. More often than not, the truth is smothered by fiction. Fabricated events designed to modify, control, and deceive… much akin to hanging a picture over a damaged wall,  throwing a cloak over puddle or adding a rosy tint to a bleak landscape. It’s hard to know exactly what you’re looking at sometimes as appearances can be deceptive. Occasionally, when following a trail looking for clues, a thread or a path will lead you in a totally unexpected direction.

I was looking into mining and logging infractions but found pizza, ping pong, and chicken lovers.

Arriving at the Gate of controversy surrounding Pizza Pedos is the second time in my armchair-activist life that I’ve been caught in a web of propagandizing backlash. It’s well known that opposition to mainstream media draws sideways glances and occasionally seething verbal punishment, but as an independent journalist I’ve never thought of myself as important enough to warrant viscous attacks. I was wrong. Thankfully, I’m not dead wrong. Others haven’t been as fortunate as I.

19 Year Old Flint Michigan water poisoning investigator wasn’t so lucky.


I’m not saying that all questionable reporting results in death or ruined reputations but you have to admit that Whistle-blowers do get a bad rap. Foul water whistle-blower Miguel Del Toral can attest to that.

Huffington Post — Whistleblower’s Warning

Former EPA Region 5 administrator Susan Hedman, pictured, has denied that the agency retaliated against whistleblower Miguel Del Toral. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

Susan Hedman

From CNN  — Updated 12:26 PM ET, Wed November 30, 2016

In a complaint filed last week, Dennis Walters claims that he has been repeatedly mistreated at the Sewells Point Police Precinct, which is part of Naval Station Norfolk, because his wife has been so outspoken. He claims that the pattern of harassment began in March after she testified in Congress. “Since I testified at the state Senate hearing, things got progressively worse,” Lee Anne Walters said. “They threatened to force him into a hardship discharge if he didn’t get me under control.

Mainstream media account of the cover-up and additional charges.

Michael Moore’s 10 things they won’t tell you about the Flint water tragedy…

So what on earth has contaminated water in Flint Michigan got to do with Pizzagate?

We’re all familiar with the situation in Flint. It’s easily researched and a wealth of information conclusively illustrates that there was a cover-up. There are thousands and thousands of examples of cover-ups to choose from but I used Flint’s because it’s remains a hot topic. It’s even become a focus for education Flint Water Study  by Virginia Tech Research Team About

Sexual misconduct, rape, child pornography, human trafficking… Ugly topics all too often in our headlines.

In today’s world it’s not too unusual to see reports of horrific violations against children. Unfortunately these types of stories are all too common. What surprised me the most about Pizzagate was the swift, highly concerted effort to shut it down. FAKE was plastered over every article and video clip on the internet. Pictures vanished, accounts deleted, logos amended…  I witnessed many instances personally. Coincidentally, that’s what caught my attention. Stuff was disappearing off my Facebook page like never before. Oddly, none of it was in violation of their policies.

I conducted Google searches and found even stranger occurrences. Word-specific searches on Google and DuckDuckGo  (an anonymous search engine) showed dramatic differences. Pages that I had visited just hours earlier had vanished. Video links reportedly were invalid or deleted entirely. Oddly, I sensed something had changed on the Wikileaks page, but couldn’t figure out what it was. (wishing I had taken more screenshots)  The scale of covert activity was massive and calculating. Knowing that data was being censored and manipulated made me even more determined to dig deeper.

Do social media giants control the future of news?

The world is full of conspirators and quacks but unless they are known to be dangerous, they’re generally left to argue among themselves. My curiosity intensified when I heard that Reddit’s CEO had admitted to editing user comments. Why would he do that?

Massive cover-up of wrongdoing by priests was the cornerstone of the investigation into the Catholic Church and Vatican by the Boston Globe’s, Spotlight journalists. Do we need more proof that these sorts of activities do and have occurred in elite circles? Do we need more proof that these sorts of crimes have been historically covered-up?

Spotlight (2015)IMDb

mv5bmjiyotm5otiznv5bml5banbnxkftztgwmdkzode2nje-_v1_sy1000_cr006761000_al_ — The true story of how the Boston Globe uncovered the massive scandal of child molestation and cover-up within the local Catholic Archdiocese, shaking the entire Catholic Church to its core.

Pedophilia by high level officials is widely documented

A ‘big political cover-up’ of 1980s pedophile-ring in U.K. Parliament?

Washington Post Reports on Pedo Ring

Media ‘gagged over bid to report MP child sex cases’

The Guardian Reports on Gag

There is evidence of rings where elites and officials were implicated and found guilty? How about celebrities who were child icons…let’s not forget Rolf Harris or Jimmy Savile! The question begs to be asked. Why aren’t we taking this seriously? There are hundreds of ongoing investigations into crimes against children. Why is it so hard to believe that some of the perpetrators may be government officials?

Excerpt from ZDNet in reference to child pornography perps.

We’ve had military officers with high clearances, pediatricians, lawyers, school principals, and tech executives,” Gulotta said of those arrested under Innocent Images.

So, given all the prior instances (proven and documented)  of cover-ups by both church and state; why can’t we accept Pizzagate as possible? I think most of us can agree that the magnitude and scope is frightening. To consider top level politicians and lawmakers in such demonic light is unpalatable.

What is Pizzagate and How Might it Change the Shape of America — Article 1, Bibliography

Is Pizzagate Real Or Is Pizzagate Fake News : The History, Greater Implications,  And Reality — Article 2, Bibliography

In the case of #PIZZAGATE I witnessed swift, effective control with material being pulled off Twitter, Youtube, Reddit and Facebook. While I was digging for truth and/or proof of any sort to corroborate the stories, my searches revealed only FAKE branded results. I took screenshots of images and compared searches days later… the information was identical despite numerous developments that I had knowledge of through open channels.  Why are these stories buried in the first place? How is the control orchestrated? Who makes the decisions and on what authority? What other tactics are used to suppress information or discredit independents? (death threats, intimidation, slander, blackmail, coercion, ridicule)

More on how covert agents  INFILTRATE THE INTERNET to manipulate, deceive, and destroy reputations.

As for me, I’m still sifting through all the material. There’s thousands of emails, hundreds of Twitter and Instagram accounts, countless discussion threads, a plethora of public documents and an overwhelming sense of, my gut tells me something’s not quite right.

I’d be curious to hear what you think. Please comment with links for discussion below.

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