Posted by: Noni | January 3, 2017

No Resolution, No Regrets for 2017

I’ve been seeing a lot of grumbling on social media this past week. Besides complaints about how crappy 2016 was, there’s widespread fear regarding the inauguration of Trump, the global threat of impending wars and anger over corporate destruction of both the planet and it’s inhabitants. (Standing Rock, Keystone, etc)

A good resolution is like an old horse, which is often saddled but barely ridden. ~ Proverb

For some reason, humans feel compelled to announce all the changes they plan on making. Why do we make resolutions only to break them? Facebook and twitter statuses are flooded with good intentions like these:
(NOTE – not my list)

  • Eat healthier
  • Quit Smoking/Drinking
  • Be more patient and accepting
  • Practice random acts of kindness
  • 2016 Sucked but 2017 will be better
  • Spend more time with family
  • Lose weight, stay fit
  • Work out twice a week
  • Spend less money
  • Travel more
  • Learn another language

I’ve heard a lot of my friends and acquaintances declare similar things but I’m not convinced that much will change. Change is hard, it requires dedication and commitment.

Change takes courage. Change takes willpower. Change is painful and uncomfortable.

It’s only January 3rd and so far I hear lots of talk but don’t see much action.

There’s no doubt that something’s got to give… we live in perilous times. Humanity is on the brink of WWIII and nothing short of a global revolution will change that. The mainstream media is hyping up the hatred in the world. Through a calculated campaign to divide the people on this planet, the corporations have been given carte blanche with our money, our resources and our futures.

So, I’m not going to make any resolutions. I am going to continue changing and adapting to this crazy world. I’m going to continue speaking out when I see things that are unjust or unfair. I will continue to challenge the media messages that reek of propaganda and misinformation. I promise to speak out when I feel my voice is warranted and step-in when a helping hand is needed.

My mantra remains unchanged, I will do my best to restore sanity and humanity to this world. I will forgive, forget and move on. I remain in service to others. I will give what I have and take only what is necessary to my survival. I will respect Mother Earth and stand strong beside the guardians that protect her.

I don’t owe any explanations or answers to anyone but I am accountable to all for doing my part to promote positive change.

What’s your plan for 2017? What about today?  Resolutions shouldn’t just be for January 1st. Live responsibly every day!

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