Posted by: Noni | October 3, 2011

Solidarity through shared experience. Join me, I double dare you!

We’ve all followed sports teams where players either grew beards or shaved their heads for playoff luck. Worn like a badge of courage, the process of a shared experience actually binds the team and increases camaraderie.

I remember when my son was in 8th grade; he and his teammates decided to shave their heads for the provincial finals. Since I had clippers and experience the boys recruited me at team barber.

It was a fun process and I was amazed at how unique each boys skull was. Some smooth, some bumpy and one even with chubby rolls at the nape of the neck which provided a slight challenge during the shearing.

Goodbye Ponytail

I’m pretty confident that my head is quite presentable and am excited to reveal it to the world on Remembrance Day (11.11.11) at my WIGGING OUT fundraiser and Bone Marrow Registry event.

When people hear about my plans to shed my long locks, there are 2 common reactions. From women, “Oh, you are so brave! I could never do that.” From men, “No!!! You’re hair is awesome! Why are you shaving it?”

My response:

While I have been accused of being “eccentric” and “artsy” and lately even “crazy” I am happy to report that I am of sound mind and fully aware of my actions. I am not “brave” or “courageous” but I do hope to be inspiring and generous with my time.

If you have 10 inches of extra hair to share then join me for an evening where we can all make a difference. Donate, participate, register or just come and have a laugh at my expense… I’m WIGGING OUT for something I believe in.

Are you with me?

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