Posted by: Noni | October 3, 2011

Ideas are what you get when your imagination ripens.

We all have daily rituals and one of mine is a walk through my neighborhood park.  I spend time connecting with nature and enjoying a few moments away from the concrete jungle. It’s proven to be a source of many a good ideas. Ideas are important.

Ideas are what you get when your imagination ripens. 

Here’s how it works for me. There are three items in this picture that I found on daily walks. Each item sparked a flurry of imagination which ripened into ideas.

  1. Film – reminded me of a house robbery in the early 90’s when my Pentax camera was stolen along with jewelry and video games. Months later the police recovered my camera (I had my ID inscribed) They had developed the roll of film which was in the camera when they found it. Most of the shots were mine with the exception of the last two pictures.  They were taken from the thieves (who apparently couldn’t get the camera open and took it to a shop for service) and led to the arrest of the gang leader whose house was snapped  (address and all).  I wonder what’s on this roll? Should I get it processed? or turn it in to the police? what if it has damning evidence on it? or XXX shots of a local politician? The roll was slightly dented and had rust forming along the seams.  Likely spoiled.
  2. Rock – The rock didn’t match the geography and I noticed it right away… someone had placed it there purposely.  I found it on a sloping hillside among a trio of tall cedars.  the  site had been marked in a giant arch which extended between the trees.  It appeared to have been the scene for some sort of ritual or ceremony.  There was bark mulch trailed around the border with petals, wild bird-seed  and greenery scattered randomly. I wondered if it was a secret Pagan or Wiccan full moon gathering…?
  3. Sunglasses – Found hanging on info sign at boat launch park in Anderson Lake BC – When I spotted these puppies I was super excited. I put them on and wore them until the lenses fell out. (May have been the reason the original owner ditched them) I keep them as a spare in my bike bag for days when sun peeks out expectantly.
Okay, maybe I am a little weird. But I do get great ideas from observing things around me.  Do yourself a favor and spend some time with your imagination.  What can it hurt?

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