Posted by: Noni | March 14, 2016

Beans, peas and sprouts. Eating raw just got simpler.

I didn’t ever consider that growing sprouts could be so easy. My first mistake was with quantity.  I used about a half cup of dried lentils when a tablespoon would have been more than enough.  Needless to say, I ended up with a massively successful batch for my inaugural attempt.


Having returned to Canada from four months in South America I re-evaluated my eating habits. I had been eating a lot of food in South America that I didn’t really want to eat but that I had to eat out of necessity. (I was a guest and I thought it was rude not to eat the food that was served me.) I realized when I got home that I had freedom and choices so I started looking at all the food was eating and for ways that I could improve by choosing more sustainable foods. I wanted to focus on finding alternatives that were healthier for me while eliminating foods that were toxic or empty calories.

Sprouting seemed like an easy way to venture into the realm of raw and vegan with limited effort and minimal expense. When you consider cost per content yield, sprouts are packed with enormous value.

Experiment with different types of beans and seeds… it’s cheap and you’ll see near instant results. Sprouting is easy for kids and can be a fun way to supplement your diet while teaching how easy it is to grow your own food.

No special equipment is needed…. a glass jar (mason works well) or container with a net/screen/stocking as a drainage cover.

Have fun!

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