Posted by: Noni | April 20, 2014

RED light GREEN light… STOP!

Did you ever play this game when you were younger? All the kids on my block would gather in the empty lot and we’d play Red Rover Red Rover, Dodge Ball and Red Light Green Light.

Here’s how it goes: One person is “It” They stand a determined distance (20, 50, …however much space available) away from the others players who stand side by side in a line. The person who is “It” then turns their back to them and calls out Greenlight, GO… Go…. Go….and when they feel ready they shout, STOP! The point is to catch the other players moving because while the “It” player has their back turned, the other players quickly try to sneak up on them. But, they must freeze when STOP is called.

Players who are seen moving are eliminated from the round of play. (or they go back to the starting line and try to sneak up again) The object for the advancing players is to try to reach the player calling Go, go, stop without being caught moving. If they manage to “TAG” the leader they take a turn as “It” It’s a fun game and one I remember fondly. Of course there were always disputes about whether someone was actually seen moving…  or the person calling being accused of turning before calling STOP but for the most part we just played and had fun.

I was recently reminded of this game while working on a project to bring awareness about global warming.

We’re calling the campaign STOP. Basically, while we’ve all had our backs turned, global warming has caught up on us. There are many who will argue that it is just the natural cycle of the earth. But, it’s not. Global warming is real and it’s sneaking up behind us. The longer we turn our back, the closer it gets. What are the challenges we face today?


Economic Shock, Peak Oil, Manufacturing, Food Scarcity, Pollution and Overpopulation… are 6 categories which are forefront and relevant today. On his website, – James Gien Varney Wong has collected and curated an abundance of data, solutions, support materials, videos and articles to drive home the urgency of our current situation.


But knowing we’re in trouble isn’t enough. It’s time to act. So, we’re busy gathering experts and concerned citizens to join our efforts to STOP the damages being inflicted on mother earth.  We hope that through a concentrated effort and with international collaboration of everyone (yes, EVERYONE)  we can find solutions to our current dire circumstance. Some say it’s too late, that we’ve already passed the point of no return… but I prefer to believe that somewhere in this world there is a person capable of envisioning a solution to clean and heal our planet. If we all focus our energies on that outcome, perhaps we have a chance.  Collectively, we can STOP the destruction of humanity, ready…? Let’s GO!!!



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