Posted by: Noni | October 20, 2011

Virtual Tents, Occupy Supporters Gathering on the Web

Joshua Blakeney (and Kevin – right) stream Occupy Vancouver live to University of Lethbridge

I came home from a full day at the Vancouver Art Gallery where I witnessed what I believe to be the birth of a new social movement. It’s happening on a corner in downtown Vancouver, and it’s happening all over the world.  People want change.   On the way back home to Burnaby I spoke with a woman on the skytrain who felt that there wasn’t much about it in the media. She wasn’t clear about any of the issues.  Her impression was one of homeless kids and unemployed hippies.  I asked a few other people what they thought… they weren’t sure or hadn’t heard much but thought it was a bunch of tree hugging pot smoking bongo drum playing bums who were costing the city too much money and ruining the nice courtyard behind the Art Gallery where working people liked to eat their lunch. Not anymore.  At least not the same way they used too. I approached a couple of business casual gentlemen who were  eating McDonald’s out of paper bags and sipping coffee from paper cups.  I asked if they were involved and what they thought. They shook their heads.  One took a bite of his Quarter Pounder and glanced around… “not much going on, eh?” I began to realize that people weren’t understanding what was happening at Occupy Vancouver.  I briefed the two men and within minutes they were nodding in agreement. What I learned from the experience is that people aren’t adverse to the protest once they understand what it’s about. Clarifying and delivering that message is the challenge. From what I can figures there are hundreds of sub-groups or individual agendas that all relate back to a general consensus.

The 99% want some accountability.

I’m joining the ranks on Saturday morning. I had some initial reservations about pitching my tent, but I think it’s a unique opportunity to observe first-hand and finish my 30 Zero Zero documentary while helping to deliver a clearer message to the mainstream public.

The people of Vancouver deserve to have access to unbiased, uncensored information.

Today I met Joshua Blakeney and participated in both a radio interview with James Fetzer and a video conference with Joshua to the University of Lethbridge Globalization Studies class.

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