Posted by: Noni | July 13, 2011

Boosting your creativity in new ways.

I’ve been busy revamping my friend’s house this past week. I’m house sitting for the summer and took the opportunity to help out by doing some cleaning, painting and restoration. They had some paint leftover from basement renovations so I had it re-tinted and used only what materials I could find around the home.

Besides tending the garden and critters; I’m resurfacing a table, several shelves and salvaging old boards to build more. It’s been fun seeing the home transform from cluttered dingy to airy fresh. I paid careful attention to keep a masculine feel and chose a deep moss for my accent color. Having a new living space doesn’t mean having to spend a bunch of money on brand new STUFF. With a few coats of paid, some elbow grease and an imagination… the sky is the limit.

I’ll post some photos once the transformation is complete.

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