Posted by: Noni | August 31, 2010

Should handhelds be confiscated as punishment for use while driving?

Hand over the Crackberry!

Texting While Driving Statistics

The inicidence of accidents caused by texting or surfing while driving is rising dramatically.

Measures to address the trend include fines, points on driving record, and possible suspension. Society has become so dependent on these gadgets that our safety, and that of others are at risk.

Many offenders would think twice if they thought their iPhone or Blackberry was in danger of being stripped from them.

Text while Driving

Recycled handhelds could be distributed to the poor or used for international relief efforts.

A study by Virginia Tech Driving Institute revealed that those who resort to texting while driving are 23 time more likely to meet with an accident. A whopping 81 percent of the United States population admits to resorting to texting while a driving a vehicle, in spite of being well versed with the various dangers of texting while driving.

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