Posted by: Noni | July 30, 2010

Love is a four letter word…

Love is a four letter word… (follow-up to Blog is a four letter word)

I send my blog automatically to subscribers each time I post.  Facebook and Twitter are also automatically updated but not all my contacts are aware that I even have a blog so I take it one step farther.

For each new post, I send the blog link to a group of contacts from my Outlook.    On July 15th I posted Blog is a four letter word! and sent out a batch of emails to the next group in my database.

One of the recipients (we’ll call her Fran since that’s her name) responded via email and made some valid points in response to Blog is a four letter word

You are absolutely right in what you say regarding the Subject.  To me, Email can sometimes be a Four Letter Word.  Although I LOVE 🙂 the technology and I LOVE 🙂 the capacity of being able to do what we can do with this technology and to have Worldwide Communication at our fingertips, I HATE 😦 the activity – or let’s say the relative inactivity
– of staring into a computer screen and the distinctive possibility of clicking &  typing my Life away.  (I’m only exaggerating slightly!)

Well, she’s partially right.  First off, email is a 5 letter word.   She missed the whole point of the title (which I had mulled over for far too long) but I’ll give her points for reminding me of something more important… LOVE is a four letter word.  I mean that in the cruelest most despicable way.  LOVE hurts, LOVE stinks, LOVE is tough… or tough LOVE if you prefer.  (can you tell that I’m single and haven’t had much luck in the love department recently?)

But she is on target with her obvious affection for the platform.  Consider this… We can share information around the world in real-time, aided by audio and video and accessible to all.  As Fran puts it, Worldwide Communication at our fingertips.

And that’s why I write the blog.  To reach people around the world and share my point of view.  I’m excited about the advancements in technology and the fact that I can access information instantly across borders and around the world.  I remind myself to be more positive about my interests and the way I present them to others.

So, share the LOVE… forward my blog to someone today!

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