Posted by: Noni | December 22, 2019

Looking back at 2019

One of my most incredible experiences in 2019 was teaching in India. I didn’t come India to teach. I came to write a book. I surprised myself by doing both.When I first arrived in India my camera operator was delayed so I decided to volunteer at an English school, 2 hours by train from Calcutta’s Howrah Station was a rural village, Panskura.When I arrived it was a fews days before Ramadan and I was being hosted by a Muslim family. After one day to settle in I was immediately thrust into classes. We had two age groups of students.Over the next 3 weeks I learned a great deal. With mix of half and half Hindu/Muslim I was given instruction on both belief systems. My students enthusiastically shared their culture and traditions.I even got lessons on the rules for CRICKET. The final day before leaving, a couple of the girls came to take to the small farmland they came from. I didn’t realize that they lived over an hour away from the school.


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