Posted by: Noni | July 14, 2019

censorship battle, fighting big tech

It’s been a month since I posted this video to my youtube channel and it currently reports a bleak 12 views. I shared it on two different twitter accounts, facebook, instagram, linkedIn, and in private messages to select followers. I find it very hard to believe that I only received 12 views in one month. In fact, I have been having dismal stats on all my posts, videos and tweets. I’ve been following Project Veritas and the undercover investigations that have revealed why I am having such disappointing stats.

No one is seeing my stuff. Or, if they do see my posts or watch my videos, the likes are not being registered and the counters are not clicking forward.

Well F.U. big tech

Watch my youtube demonstation showing a live instance of censorship

battling big tech

here is a transcript of the video:

okay so I just wanted to give it an
example of what censorship is about I
read this story on Facebook it comes
from the page national inquiry into
missing and murdered women in Canada and
the story is about a woman and her two
sisters who were sexually abused by
their older cousin as children and they
were in a very long court battle and
they were their cousin was found guilty
but the Supreme Court of BC threw away
the case today I don’t know if it was
today hang on a minute
nay missus today June the 12th June the
12th they throughout the course the
court case saying that the defendant
wasn’t given a fair trial because of all
the delays so the court causes the
delays and then they throw out the case
because they say that it’s not fair to
the defendant but these three women
their whole lives were ruined because of
this man this is a loophole in the
government in Ag loophole in the court
system so that the the sexual
perpetrators are getting away with
crimes they spent 12 years pursuing this
case if guy was found guilty and then on
Monday the Supreme Court stayed those
convictions arguing that excessive court
delays prevented the accused from
getting a fair trial so then I tried to
tweet this because people need to know
that these perpetrators are getting away
with basically murder who ruining
people’s not murder he didn’t murder
them but he sexually abused three women
three children and I try to go to
Twitter to share the story and Twitter
blocks it okay this is censorship this
is Twitter blocking this from being a
story I tried five times it just goes to
this page it doesn’t go anymore so then
I thought okay why don’t I share it to
LinkedIn I go to LinkedIn I go to
LinkedIn I try and share it on LinkedIn
oops where’s the share now it’s not even
giving me the share button anymore come
on there we go
where’s LinkedIn I wanted to make it I
wanted to make a comment on LinkedIn
about our court system goes to LinkedIn
basically sits there nothing happens
I have active accounts on these social
media platforms okay you shouldn’t just
be going to a page like this if I want
to go to any other stories I want to
share kittens if I want to share some
stupid meme no problem
but if I want to share something
important just goes to nowhere okay this
is censorship this is blatant censorship
this is a new story that people need to
hear about but what they do is they put
algorithms out to look for this link and
if anybody tries to share it they shut
it down because they don’t want people
knowing that the court tossed this out
now it’s already on Facebook let’s see
if I can share it to Facebook see what
happens if I try and share it to
oh it’s actually letting me because it’s
already on Facebook but then what’ll
happen with Facebook is once the story
gets out it’ll say this story this you
see just an error message saying this is
no longer available that’s the new one
you’ll see that a lot you see people
people post things and it says this is
no longer available so actually Facebook
at this moments allowing it because it’s
coming from within Facebook I’m this
makes me so angry like people need to
understand like I’ve been here for half
an hour trying and only one other person
has shared to Facebook and one other
person to Twitter now it’s probably not
because they don’t want to share it’s
because they’re not able to share the
breaks are put on these kinds of
articles so that nobody finds out about
them my accounts are constantly being
censored I post things people don’t see
them this is what you need to understand
this is how social media works people
think what they see on social media is
the truth you can go you can verify this
this is a story from CBC this is the
story from CBC Canada I’m actually
really proud that they did this story
and that there’s that they’re showing
the truth about this woman and about her
sisters but unfortunately this is where
the story stops because the social media
platforms where most of the people
forty to sixty five percent of the
people get their news from social media
they don’t watch it from the news and
they have the brakes put on this article



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