Posted by: Noni | June 27, 2019

IGNOU – Indira Gandhi National Open University, Delhi India

Another incredible day! We were walking from our hotel looking for a green space to film in (seeking shade under trees because it was a brutally hot day) and walked past an imposing looking gate. I noticed this statue of Indira Gandhi, a woman I admire greatly, and I stopped to snap a photo.

One of the security guards called out to me, “Lady, no photos without permission.” So, being a person who always continually pushes for more, I asked “who do I speak to for that permission?” After several minutes of questioning I was signing in and headed to Administrative building number 4 to get permission to shoot on the campus.

Initially our goal was to find a nice location to film my story but as we navigated through the 150 acre complex I did some quick research on the University and was immediately impressed. It’s the largest University in the world with current enrollment of over 3 million students. (Sometimes over 4 million registered and actively studying) They have 5 regions and several coaching/study/tutorial locations in each state.

This government run institution has improved the educational status of millions of students with thousands of courses offered. Open learning and self study programs being suited to Indians who need to continue working while earning their degree, certification or diploma.

I inquired at the registrar’s office and after a short explanation of my purpose in India I was given a royal tour of the entire campus. We visited the material handling facility, the studios where a live broadcast was underway, the FM radio station and I was introduced to heads of faculty, the Registrar and Vice Registrar, media relations and a flood of key personnel. It was a 3.5 hour whirlwind tour where we held discussions about the importance of education not only in India but around the world.

I was honored to engage in such heartfelt and purposeful dialogue with a veteran academic team.

We were hosted so graciously and I promised to return again for more conversation. I have a plethora of materials to sort through and Ragesh and I will create a video to showcase this magical experience.

I am constantly reminded that clear intentions with worthy goals brings resounding significance from the Universe.

A beautiful and fascinating day which I look forward to sharing with you. We’re in transit from Delhi, north into the mountains at present where another adventure awaits us.

Thank you to Rajesh, Rajesh and Abdul for a remarkable afternoon.

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