Posted by: Noni | June 20, 2019

Uprising of Citizen Based Journalism

It’s been years since I’ve followed any mainstream media. Disillusionment struck in 1993 when I was a host/reporter for a live-to-air television show, Vancouver Now. I was repeatedly shut down from pursuing certain topic matter and restricted from including specific words and jargon in my video segments. I realized then that my career would be one of reading a teleprompter, smiling, nodding, and holding a solemn gaze into the camera until the video on some diluted piece fluff piece was rolling. I left Vancouver for Los Angeles where I ventured into film and live event production. I selected projects that resonated with the messages I was hoping to convey.Funding was a constant barrier since good projects don’t draw big audiences enough to warrant the financial risk.I satisfied my desires to educate and promote positive lifestyles by selecting film projects that had strong realistic female roles, sustainable messaging and socially responsible content. I paid my bills by doing freelance AV gigs. The interesting thing is that often I was exposed to information in corporate meetings, conferences and seminars that helped me in reaching my own goals. Imagine if you will, being a fly on the wall of a top level industry event. That was my job.I never read newspapers, well at least not willingly. I don’t watch TV or listen to talk radio. I get my news from the web. The World Wide Web can be a frightening thing if you don’t set some barriers and learn how to disseminate all the clutter. Surfers are subjected to just as much garbage as you find on TV, radio or in print. The beauty is in the ease of verification. As simple as clicking a link to a supporting document or searching via (I never use Google, they filter too and censor too much)

I found this draft in a folder that I never new existed.

June 20th, 2019It was originally created in April 2017. I thought it had been published. But seems it was stuck in blog purgatory.Not sure what to make of that but I do know, I will not be silenced. I will continue to search for truth and report what I find.Journalists and activists are being eliminated daily, permanently silenced. I refuse to join that club. I have stories to share, messages to send and experiences to share.Hang tight, it’s going be a crazy ride…

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