Posted by: Noni | October 20, 2015

The Pipeline – A poem revisted in light of our new Prime Minister

It was over 3 years ago that I wrote this piece. I had been out of the country for many years and when I returned to Canada I was saddened at the blatant destruction and devastation caused by mining and oil projects. What had happened to the Canada that I had loved and been so fiercely proud of? I’m inspired now. The people of Canada have raised their voices and claimed ownership of their land again. A powerful message to the world that we don’t want corporate control or corrupt leaders.  The damage had been done, pipelines laid and tar sands dug, tailing ponds overflowing… but change, CHANGE is the new buzzword. We beat fear with hope. I hold Justin Trudeau to the task. I will watch his every move and scrutinize his policies. We have hope. I breath deeply and wait for the dawn of a new day.The Pipeline - An Ode to Enbridge

written by Alison Noni Richards (c) 2012


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