Posted by: Noni | July 18, 2012

Rain Dampens Montreal Street Beautification Project

Monday I awoke to a team of young students painting bright images in our back alley. I walked out the gate for a closer look and to ask them about the project. A joint effort from private, corporate and government forces aimed to improve areas of Montreal where low-income or high risk youth live. Besides painting games and activities like hop-scotch and snakes and ladders, the crew  is due to return at the end of the month to plant greenery and tame the unruly vegetation.

Unfortunately, as the young artists worked on the colorful creation, dark clouds rolled in. Within a few hours the sky let loose and giant drops splattered the ground. I ran inside for my camera and when I returned this was all I saw. Hopefully they’ll be back to finish when the sun dries everything off again.

paint running down the storm drain

copyright alison Noni richards 2012 (c)


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