Posted by: Noni | April 10, 2012

Can You Identify this Artwork?

The central logo is custom and quite unique. It may be a design from Denmark. Pagan/Wiccan or Occult? The stars and central image seem to have been added to an existing china pattern.

Clockwise details are:

  1. A Chalice
  2. A dagger or sword
  3. Sheath of wheat
  4. Crown and Scepter
  5. Unknown?
  6.  Crypt/Dias/Tomb? – Center

Daily,  I come across things that generate ideas for stories. This cup and saucer conjured up many such ideas. As a storyteller I’m always looking for interesting props to use as tools to formulate a good plot.

For example:

Where did the cup and saucer originate? Was it found in an attic trunk, at a garage sale or perhaps it was  dug up while turning soil for a garden.

Who found the mysterious item? Were they searching for it, or did they stumble upon it accidentally?

With luck each question will lead to more questions which will in turn reveal more information or details that will flavor or embellish the story.

Ideas don’t always come from items.

Yesterday I was sitting on a sunny patio playing Cribbage with a friend.  Part way through our game the north wind picked up and blew some of the cards off the table. I called “miss deal” and reshuffled and dealt.  A short time passed when my opponent called “miss count” while I was pegging my points. (I actually shorted myself)

I jokingly started to mock the rules. Miss deal, miss count, repeating the words. I envisioned a line of upscale yoga wear with cheeky little casino chip/playing card logos and soft zippered hoodies.  Miss Deal and Miss Count.  It sounded a bit like a Las Vegas showgirl review. My opponent joked that they could be spinster sisters. I corrected him saying that they couldn’t be since they had different last names.

Unless… Unless, they were twins separated at birth.

And so the story unfolds…

I’m still interested in pursuing the mystery of the china pattern so if you have any idea on what it is or where it originates from; let me know in the comments.

Write on!

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