Posted by: Noni | March 23, 2012

Trapped in a Moment – What have I got myself into?

Planning a flash mob is like throwing a surprise party. Only instead of keeping it secret for the guest of honor, you try to make the whole party appear spontaneously. You want media and press coverage, but you don’t want to give a heads up. You want the businesses and vendors in the area to have notice but you don’t want to tip your hand and spoil the dramatic.

I decided to put out press releases the night before my Flash Mob (more appropriately, Smart Mob) for Kung Fu Kicks Epilepsy. I selected the date March 25th, a Sunday, since I wanted to make my event family friendly and all ages. As a tie into my documentary film about a Taiwanese Monk who rescues orphans off the streets in Malawi and teaches them kung fu, I had targeted the martial arts community in Metro Vancouver. Since this region has a high percentage of Asians, there are plenty of schools, clubs and businesses dedicated to the ancient disciplines.

I targeted my announcements directly to their websites, Facebook pages, forums and bulletin boards.

Since my event was themed to create awareness for a cause, Epilepsy, I also collaborated with that community. A flash mob is generated through viral channels. The more specific the targeted audience the more focused your communications.

March 26th is Purple Day for Epilepsy Awareness. Everyone is encouraged to wear PURPLE. The participants of the flash mob are supposed to arrive wearing purple so if enough show up to make a good visual imprint the media and news will pick up the story and run it on the day. Thus giving Epilepsy its awareness along with the Kung Fu theme from the song and performance style of the mob providing an imprint for African Kung Fu Kids

I’ve gotten a surprising strong response all around so I’m hopeful for a good display of fun for all. I’ll keep you posted on the results and feedback from my colleagues and collaborators.

I just realized that I should have alerted the South African and African delegations… and the AID’s groups… and the Buddhist community… and the… Heck, can you just forward this for me so everybody gets the message.


Flash Mob Details


  1. Good luck and I hope it is a big success. When I think of flash mobs, I think of the Modern Family episode when it was featured.


  2. I have a tremendous love for flash mobs and an ever bigger love for Purple Day! I am anxiously waiting to see how this turns out! Thanks for spreading awareness, support, and smiles!


  3. Any pictures or videos from this yet? I keep checking the YouTube page but haven’t found any uploaded. Hopefully somebody caught it on camera! Looking forward to any updates. 🙂


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