Posted by: Noni | March 9, 2012

Update #3: Not Everyone Understands Kickstarter…???

RE: What to do when your numbers aren’t racking up as fast as you’d like…

I just got off the phone with someone I’ve been ‘courting’ for backing our documentary film project. He had pitched our project to a potential investor (A person with a history in the film industry) and they didn’t understand how Kickstarter worked. As I answered his slew of questions, I wondered how many others were confused about the system.

Were we losing potential backers because our information wasn’t clear?

First off, we only get funded if we reach our goal of $50,000. And, we must reach that goal before our end date of March 31, 2012. We only gave ourselves 30 days to raise the funds, based on our shoot schedule and advice from Kickstarter which reports most projects fund in the first couple of weeks. (Those that are successful that is)

We’ve finally reached 1%… and have less than 3 weeks to raise the 99%. Funny, I’m reminded of the occupy movement with those percentages.

We won’t argue the fact we’ve given ourselves a near impossible job, but remain confident this film is meant to be, so we stand firm with the conviction we’ll find a way to make it happen. (One way or another, determination wins)

I ‘m reminded of those curved graphs that start gently, rise to a peak, then taper off again and hope our funds follow that model.  (Gaussian Function or Bell Curve)

On the admin panel of the Kickstarter site there is a graph much like this… Our progress looks pretty much like the blue line.  We haven’t yet reached the stage where it swoops up to a nice peak… (That would be our $50K level) before tapering off.

Be sure to visit Kickstarter and check out the rewards for backing the African Kung Fu Kids. Rewards are what you get in exchange for chipping in. For example if you back us for $10 you get a priority download of the documentary. For $25 you get the film plus a postcard from the African Kung Fu Kids in Malawi. The more you give, the better the rewards.

If you don’t understand crowd-sourcing (outsourcing problems or tasks) or crowd funding (pooling resources or money), you can read more by clicking the links. The trends have shown that they are fast becoming popular for production of films, music, books, games and gadgets.

Cute video on crowd-sourcing…

There are lots of crowd funding sites like Indiegogo, Sponsume, GoFundMe, Kickstarter, Early Shares, Fund a Geek…
We selected Kickstarter for our film since they have higher standards and stricter rules. They don’t accept all projects.

If you still don’t understand… here’s a video which explains crowd funding for projects.

So, be sure to check out our rewards and visit our regular website too:

Thanks to everyone who has backed our film. We can’t wait to share it with you!




  1. That “What is Crowdsourcing” video is great, I wish I had found it months ago. Thanks for posting it!

    Additionally, have you tried using to promote your video? The community is very altruistic as long as you cater to the right crowd, so give it a shot on or /r/movies.


  2. […] found this video on international filmmaker Alison “Noni” Richards’ blog, and immediately knew I must share it. As a person whose goal is to galvanize the average […]


  3. Thanks Seth!
    Yes, too bad I discovered a bunch of stuff too late… like how they made me go through an approval process not once but twice (they changed their system for submission while I was half way through the routine and I got delayed by it) and the fact that both they and Amazon take a cut of the pie. (would have taken that into consideration as well, but no where does it say so up front)

    Regardless the entire crowd-sourcing experience has been extremely educational and next round I will approach much differently. For instance, we are now focusing on getting sponsorship from various businesses and corps as opposed to cash which is harder to get. i.e. product and services (air travel, equipment etc) as well as concentrating efforts on arranging crew or talent on volunteer or at cut rate.

    Crowd funding and crowd sourcing go hand in hand with films since we need both to create a successful project. A good portion of the budget goes to labor so gaining support from experts is key.

    Thanks for reddit link… I need to find a good video that explains how it works since I have no clue? 🙂



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