Posted by: Noni | February 23, 2012

Oscar and the Usual Suspects | Women’s Media Center

Women’s absence from Best Director nominees only reflects the industry’s dismal hiring statistics, as demonstrated in the author’s annual Celluloid Ceiling study.

With this year’s Academy Awards ceremony just around the corner, Oscar has rounded up the usual suspects for filmmaking’s most prestigious honor.  Not surprisingly, the demographic profile of the nominees for the coveted Best Director award closely resembles that of the academy’s governors.  As Michael Cieply states in a New York Times’ Carpetbagger blog, “All are male, all are white, and most have been a presence at the Oscars before.”  He also notes that the average age of the nominees mirrors that of the academy’s governing board.

Oscar and the Usual Suspects | Women’s Media Center.

The good news is that I’ve joined the ranks of woman around the world who are working to change those stats.  Can’t wait to reveal my next project…

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