Posted by: Noni | January 17, 2012

Wikipedia anti-SOPA Blackout – 24 Hours of Darkness versus a Lifetime of Ignorance?

I love Wikipedia!
I love the internet!
I love the freedom of access to information!

As a writer, filmmaker and educator I rely heavily on access to information. I’ve spent marathon sessions online; reading, researching and dissecting the truth from fiction. I’ve written detailed and accurate accounts of events in foreign lands without ever having stepped foot inside them. I have traveled to exotic (and not so exotic) locations and have felt totally at home because I visited them online and familiarized myself with the customs and practices before boarding a plane, train or automobile.

I get my news from the internet.

Accurate, unbiased, factual… Not the crazy, hyped-up propaganda that is shown on television, but the REAL NEWS. Straight from the mouths of the news-makers or from eye witnesses on the street at the actual location. I trust the internet, not blindly… but after careful sorting, fact-checking and comparative analysis. I’ve visited countries where abject poverty and severe oppression caused by tyrannical dictators and corrupt governments is perpetuated by control of access to information found on the internet.

Control of information = Control of the masses.

As a Canadian with full rights and freedoms I am blessed to have been able to educate myself and gather a wealth of knowledge via the internet. Whenever I have a question, I immediately go to the internet. Wikipedia more often than not, leads to the answer. I am the Queen of Google in my circles. No doubt remains on any subject, the instant I raise a query it vanishes with a few keystrokes.

Knowledge is Power

We’ve witnessed the results of power shifting back into the hands of the people through the magic of the internet. The playing field is being leveled. With each revolution comes resistance from those who are being stripped of their controls. The only way to stop the international movement for democracy is to control the access to information.

SOPA = Control of Information

If you don’t understand or know about SOPA check out the Wikipedia page 

January 18th is National Blackout Day

If you find that you go to a site on the 18th and all you see is black… think about how dark our world would be if that happened every day.

Don’t let our freedoms be controlled by unfair legislation. Educate yourself. Get the facts. Question authority and act accordingly.

Knowledge is Power, Take back the Power!

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