Posted by: Noni | January 5, 2012

No Resolutions. Just a desire to be a better person.

Rose from Andy's gardenA few weeks ago I went to visit my friend Andy.

I’ve known Andy a long time, he’s pretty mellow and easy-going. Once in a while he suffers a bout of road rage or becomes frustrated with the system, but for the most part he’s even keeled.

I noticed on that particular visit that he was more upbeat than usual. He seemed to be at peace with the world… he was more serene than I’d ever noticed… he was incredibly positive.

I commented about it and he shared these simple words.

“I decided to be a better person.”

Apparently he tells himself that every morning. “I am a better person”

He reminds himself at suitable opportunities, such as:

When someone cuts him off in traffic…

“I am a better person”

A drunk tries to pick a fight at the hockey game…

“I am a better person”

He get’s overcharged on his phone bill…

“I am a better person”

The neighbor cuts down his tree…

“I am a better person”

Now that doesn’t mean that you go around allowing folks to walk on you, slam doors in your face or rip you off.  It’s more like ‘turning the other cheek’ than ‘an eye for an eye‘. It’s a frame of mind that allows you to feel sorry for the jerk that offended you instead of stooping to his level.

Sounded good to me so I decided to add it to my daily routine.

When I wake up in the morning I spend a few minutes visualizing my day. I’ve done this for a while and it works great. I picture all the activities I want to carry out, the people I want to meet, the places I plan to go, the food I will eat… and I give thanks.  BEFORE it all happens. I get up on the right side of the bed that way.  I decide before I even throw back the covers that I am grateful for an amazing day. Why?

Because, I am a better person.

Chances are I’ll have a crappy day when I neglect to do it. But if I run into a snag (Or a belligerent fool) I need only remind myself  that I’m a better person.

Note: I don’t think I’m better than you. I think you’re pretty awesome too. The world needs us. Forget about making resolutions. Everything is brighter when you utter these words.

“I am a better person”


  1. Words to live by!


  2. I like it and I`m a better person My mom said kidding
    nice post 🙂


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