Posted by: Noni | November 3, 2011

Dear Tim Hortons – Please Offer Alternative to Rolling Up The Rim

Dear Tims,
I am an environmental filmmaker. I follow consumer trends closely looking for opportunities to suggest simple lifestyle adjustments that will positively impact the health of our planet. One of the simplest changes I support is the switch from disposable paper cups to refillable travel mugs. (also water bottles)

I don’t have to tell you how many cups per year get thrown away needlessly. I personally know one individual who drives past your window at least twice each day and gets a disposable cup.

Old habits die-hard.

One way to stimulate change is by offering an incentive.

I propose a media campaign and environmentally focused “MUG UP” program which will ultimately benefit the health of the planet. It will also help raise Tim Hortons  reputation in environmental concerns.

Each year with the Roll Up The Rim To Win program you encourage purchases by offering prizes. The odds on this contest are 6 to 1. Sooner or later pretty much everyone is a winner of some prize or another. It’s a highly successful program that has run for over 25 years.

I suggest that this coming March 2012, Tim Hortons offer an alternative incentive to those customers bringing refillable mugs  or who elect to drink from a mug on premises. Why not offer an extra game voucher or token/game piece with higher odds at winning?

Disposable Cup odds to win = 7 to 1
Refillable Mug odds to win = 5 to 1

It takes approx 3 weeks to change a habit.  For daily/frequent customers a month-long contest is an excellent way to promote lasting change. Over the course of time this could translate to significant reduction in needless waste.

According to Dave Korzinski, who attends UBC Okanagan, “23 billion coffee cups wind up in landfills every year – and many of Tim Hortons’ promotional cups never touch a drop of coffee.” His idea to use a pull tab (or scratch card) would solve the issue wasting cups for those who use mugs.
CTV video report from March 13th, 2011.

What do you think?


  1. It takes only one person to start a change…….it takes a few more to make a change.


  2. This is great! We have a similiar idea, check out our “Mug it Up, Save the Cup” Campaign at: …or just go straight to signing the Petition for Corporate Policy Change at:

    Keep caring citizens and aligning your actions with what you believe, value and care about! That is how we can support change!


    • Erin, I signed the petition a while ago. Fabulous action! I can’t believe that after repeated contact with helpful suggestions I still haven’t even received so much as an auto-response to my letters. The customer service, PR and media at Tim Horton’s is terrible! Good news is that I don’t give up that easily. 🙂 Keep up the great work!


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