Posted by: Noni | October 31, 2011

Building Fences, The Price of Individuality

The neighbourhood I now live in was developed back in the mid 50’s. Most of the houses are 3 bedroom bungalows with full basements and detached garages or carports in the leeway at back. It was the typical  style back then.  No fences in the front.

1950's style house

Through the 60’s and 70’s yards occasionally had fences, to keep animals or small children contained, but rarely the front.  Fences weren’t considered neighborly.

As the years have passed, the neighborhood has evolved with the norm and now all houses have fences on at least 3 of the 4 sides. It’s rare to see a house without a fenced in yard. We strive to safeguard our privacy and possessions. Most apartments have barriers like a guard or occupant controlled entry system. (buzzer)

Globally, we put up brick walls with razor wire, night-vision-motion-sensored-digital-imaging-facial-recognition software…

There are armed crossings between neighborhoods, cities, regions and countries where one language speaks louder than that of any other… The language of commerce; Currency.

Money walks free.

my rant for today. sorry if you expected some solution or words of comfort and sanity. this is the world as I see it. messed up, but not without hope. thanks for sharing your thoughts and wisdom below.

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