Posted by: Noni | June 23, 2011

Summer Rain – Brings back memories from childhood

Let’s face it, we’re all pretty tired of seeing gray skies. After an endless spring of torrential downpours and gloomy horizon the first day of summer was a welcome relief. Day 2 of summer was nearly as nice… but on day 3… Back to overcast with occasional blue struggling to peak through.  I tried to console myself this morning by thinking that my veggie garden needed water so the rain seemed to have some purpose. All day long I’d turn my attention from the computer screen to the window looking over the front yard.

I got up from the desk a few minutes ago to stretch my legs and refill my water-glass (again reminding myself that those of us fortunate enough to live in the lower mainland are blessed with the best tap water in the world) and peeked out the kitchen window to admire the neatly trimmed lawn. I cut the grass as part of my “First Day of Summer” soak in the sun celebration but mostly because it was the first day that it was actually dry enough to mow.

Coming back to my office at the front of the house I saw that it was raining again.  There were big patches of blue sky and the sun was shining, but my street was slick with rain and drops ran down the window. I ran back into the kitchen, not raining in the back yard… back to the front, raining there.

I was reminded of summers as a kid when we would run in and out of the edge of the rainfall. A cloud overhead had burst and it was positioned such that we were in the middle of the edge.

I stand up to get another look as I write this and see that it has stopped now revealing more blue and a promise of clearer skies tomorrow.

Will wake with eager anticipation of Mr Sun shining down for Day 4 of summer.

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