Posted by: Noni | June 8, 2011

What We Can Learn From Kids

Yesterday I spent the afternoon at Science World with a six-year-old. I must admit that we were equally excited about the adventure and we giggled and wiggled on the Skytrain to our planned destination. I was slightly disappointed to learn that several of the exhibits were closed due to construction and upgrades but a lower entrance admission quickly cured that woe.

The past few months have been devoted to a project that required my constant attention so it was  a well deserved distraction from deadlines and creative challenges.  I could have come up with a hundred reasons not to go… but deep down I knew that we’d have fun and that my companion would be crushed if I cancelled our date.

Adrienne was so happy and full of wonder and excitement. Her limitless enthusiasm was refreshing and contagious. While we sat for a demonstration on the wonders of bubbles her radiance attracted an invitation to the stage to help with the show.  I reminded myself to spend more time being childlike. The wonder of discovery and boundless sense of adventure children naturally resonate is often stiffed by adults.

If the weather is good this weekend, I might even run through the sprinkler!

Adrienne fits no problem

Adrienne fits no problem

Me trying to squeeze into the box

Me trying to squeeze into the box

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