Posted by: Noni | April 25, 2011

Why People Don’t Recycle – And my response to them…

Why People Don’t Recycle 

Ashley Schiller a freelance writer living in Washington, D.C. wrote a blog post for titled “Why People Don’t Recycle”

It shocked me that there are still places in the United States without waste management programs.  But even more so, I was saddened by the completely selfish attitudes of some people who claim that it’s inconvenient for them. After reading the article and a good percentage of the comments (over 100) I added a reply of my own. 

posted on April 25th, 2011 at 1:26 pm

It’s really very sad the way  some people think. I can’t believe that there are still places in the world that haven’t made provisions for recycling. The cities and towns where there are no programs are losing out since the amount of garbage they are creating can be off-set in financially beneficial ways by instituting programs. It’s expensive to move and store garbage! Most progressive regions realize that it’s money wisely invested to create a program to reduce and recycle but the key we are all missing is to stop with the excessive waste and purchasing in the first place. (paper coffee cups, water bottles, packaging… etc)

Sure, lots of things can be recycled, but why? Why keep using these items when a real mug or glass does the same thing?

It’s wonderful to embrace technology, but in this case we need to go back to the old ways… thriftiness and frugality should be the new trends. I like to think of rations during war-time, not that I’ve actually ever been on rations, but just think of how precious each item is and the energy it took to produce and transport it.

We’ve become a disposable society. Time for us all to take responsibility over this earth and its dwindling resources.

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