Posted by: Noni | February 17, 2011

See You Next Tuesday – what’s being said and what it means

One of the hardest parts of being a writer is staying current on language trends, phases and new uses for old words.  I was watching Sex in the City the other night and was reminded of the saying “See you next Tuesday”.  Seems an innocent enough salutation, but… if you phonetically spell out the first letter of each word, C..U..N…

Thursday could also be used instead of Tuesday for the same effect.

I stop and wonder how many times that was said without my being aware of  the context?  Not that I’m naive,  it’s just that I couldn’t imagine anyone ever using that term in reference to me.  (Innocent optimism I suppose)

When writing a story about a specific region or culture its important to research the nuances of the local dialog.  It not only brings authenticity to the work but adds a layer that deepens the connection or enlightens the reader (audience)  I’m not talking about lol, or OMG!  I mean knowing that beats means music and wheels refers to a ride.

Equally hard to stay abreast of is newly proclaimed “taboo” politically incorrect words.

Such as Faggot which was recently banned by the CRTC in a song popular more from Terry David Mulligan and Mullato which is apparently now deemed a racist term.  I guess mixed race is the preferred expression.

Anyways I better jet… (I’m not technically leaving the ground but its a fitting word since I’m pressed for time)



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