Posted by: Noni | February 7, 2011

Super Bowl for Babies

No hidden surprises.   Embrace your circumstance and advertise what you’ve got.  My son and his wife recently welcomed their second child in less than 13 months.  This year they decided that staying home to watch the game was best.  They wanted to invite a few folks so they sent out invitations titled:

SUPER BOWL for Babies

Worked for me.   I didn’t really care if the Steelers or Green Bay won, I just wanted to cuddle the babies.  That and watch the commercials.  The game was well into the second quarter before I noticed, where were the big-ticket commercials Superbowl was famous for???  That’s when I realized I was watching a Canadian  broadcast.   I resigned to watch the US spots online later.

I spent some time peeking and booing with 13 month old Krista who has just started walking, and  then rocking, burping and cooing at 3 week old Anika while I waited for the half-time entertainment.  Black Eyed Peas should put on a good show…  WRONG!  The show was uninteresting and unmemorable.   My son said something about getting a red costume… I hadn’t noticed, nor could I recall it.

The game itself was okay, but I had come for the company.  That and my sons famous spread which was fabulous as usual!

If it wasn’t for the babies I would have been bored.  Krista took 18 steps before tipping over and Anika seemed to grin (likely gas bubble) right at me.

Made me think about marketing and advertising.  Simple and Direct…

SUPER BOWL for Babies

Green Bay Packers Infant My First Packers Tee Creeper

Identify your strength and use it as a draw.  Lesson learned from my son who works in construction.

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