Posted by: Noni | January 24, 2011

Save the best for last

I grabbed a couple of Japanese oranges and sat down to check some messages.  I peeled and ate the first one absently stuffing sections into my mouth while absorbed in the reading.  A few minutes went by and I peeled the second of the two.  I popped a chunk in my mouth and a burst of flavor hit my taste buds.


I was instantly struck with the idea that it was lucky I ate this orange second since it was way better.  It’s not that the other one was bad, it just didn’t have the same intensity.

I savored each morsel.  Mind my started drifting to old eating habits so I felt compelled to share.

I used to organize my food into sections and then eat each in the order of how much I liked it.  Always saving the best for last.  I’m not sure what age I gave that up, favoring the technique now where I carefully and fastidiously eat each in rotation so that I have a little piece of everything left for the last forkful.   I still leave the favorite selection for the very last bite however. That way I finish on the best flavor.

Everyone has some kind of hang-up with food.  I don’t like milk unless I freshly open the container.  I goes back to my childhood when my mom would stretch our supply by mixing powered milk into the regular.  YUCK!!!

Do you have a hang up or strange eating habit?  Share in the comments please.

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