Posted by: Noni | November 30, 2010

Sidetracks, Detours and Priorities

I make it a regular habit to stop and take stock of my actions. Even the best laid plans go awry unless we continually check-in with ourselves and evaluate progress on goals and plans.  It’s not unlikely that we find ourselves far from where we were meant to be. There are three basic areas to look for:

Sidetracks – This is when we’re running alongside our designated route but not quite going to the ideal destination. It happens easily and without our even being aware of it. Daily chores are a great example of this.

You go into the bedroom to strip the sheets, gather up some random soiled items strewn on the floor, carry the load the laundry room, discover that the dryer has your best sweater in it and now it can fit the 4-year-old next door. It’s nearly new and incredibly cute so you decide to take it over… Suddenly you find yourself in the garden showing your neighbor how to make a compost pile.  That night you are exhausted having spent a full day doing fall clean-up in the yard. All you want to do is climb into your nice comfy bed.

Oops, the sheets are still in the washer!

Even though you experienced a completely productive day, you may not have accomplished the things you set out to do.  This isn’t necessarily a bad thing but if you continually find yourself being sidetracked you might want to focus your energies on starting your day with you most pressing tasks then checking in periodically to make sure you stay on track.

Check back tomorrow for Detours & later Priorities

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