Posted by: Noni | October 9, 2010

$25,000 REWARD for finding the most wanted

$25,000 REWARD for finding the most wanted

Go Green is part of her mandate so Noni has been taking public transit to VIFF (Vancouver International Film Festival) this past week.  Yesterday she noticed a QR code on a banner ad on the Skytrain.

She jumped up and took a picture which when processed by a code reader in her blackberry directed her browser to page announcing she had successfully found one of the 5 characters needed to qualify for a chance at $25,000.

The hunt was on!

Before the end of the night she had found all five advertisements that contained a unique 2D code that leads smartphones to a prize.

How Fast can you find all 5?

Come back and comment when you have all of them.  Good luck!!


  1. not sure who won… but it wasn’t me.


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