Posted by: Noni | September 25, 2010

Kiss the Ceiling

Screens put years on you: ‘Computer face’ is giving women jowls and lines


Kiss the Ceiling

If that’s true then I’m screwed!  I rush to the bathroom and thrust my neck towards the mirror for a closer look… Yes, it’s not looking as good as it should be.  I read on to find that my fate is clearly sealed.  Extended hours in front of the computer screen makes you scowl and that causes icky lines to form around your mouth and on your forehead.  After several minutes of intense scrutiny in front of the mirror I decided to focus efforts on my neck.  I’ve copied the tips for “How to save your own neck”

– Take regular breaks away from your screen

– Kiss the ceiling. By puckering up and stretching your neck back, you use muscles which would otherwise weaken and sag

– Regularly stretch out your neck from left to right, holding it for several seconds

– Raise your computer screen so you are not looking downwards at it

From a feature article By LOUISE ECCLESMAIL ONLINE |25th September 2010

I love simple solutions.  This I can do! Pucker up ceiling.


  1. I decided to put a picture of Viggo Mortensen on my ceiling. It’s a perfect incentive to stretch my neck!


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