Posted by: Noni | September 22, 2010

What do I really want?

I’ve started paying closer attention to my thought patterns and am making a conscious effort to create positive visualizations as often as I can.

I was washing a few dishes after lunch and found myself stopping to admire a mismatched plate.  It was deep blue and rimmed with olive-green glaze.  I found the plate while walking in the woods a couple of months ago.  It had either been ditched or forgotten there.

Perhaps an unruly child had been sent out to eat with the dogs.  Or a hungry teen had swooped up his sisters helping and fled into hiding to devour the prize.  Whatever the case,  I found it at the base of a tree with a fork (not a very nice one) in the muck that had collected in its rim.

I liked the feel and style of it and decided that I’d enjoy a full set.  I started to visualize a complete setting for 12?  Then I stopped and asked myself:

  1. Am I being specific about what I want?

  2. Am I building a clear picture of what I desire?

  3. Is service for 8 enough for everyday?

After a few minutes of assessment I re-framed my visualization and focused more specifically.  I closed my eyes and pictured myself sitting in a comfy over-stuffed chair, sipping on a nice cup of tea, watching someone else wash the dishes.


  1. I think about the end result of the process all the time. And for the most part this is what I visualize also. I love the thought process also. Love you hope to see you Saturday….Rob’s deck….weather permitting.


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