Posted by: Noni | September 3, 2010

Why is Noni Single? People keep asking… so here’s an answer

Noni says it best herself… so here’s a link to the full scoop.

Noni Share's her story

visit to find out more about Noni and her escapades.

How could an attractive, intelligent woman, with so much to offer, not be snatched up?  (Their words, not mine)  Well, I sometimes ponder that very question myself… but, as an old friend (ex-beau) put it, “You belong to everyone; no single person can ever hold you or keep you.”  At first I didn’t understand what he meant.  He explained that, I was so popular and loved by so many that it was too demanding a feat for a solo individual to accept the competition of the masses.  Yes, it’s an interesting concept and one that makes sense given my history, lifestyle and travel… But, I believe, it’s mostly due to timing.


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