Posted by: Noni | August 19, 2010

More frustration from Canada Post

Follow-up to a post about stolen wedding invitations.

Read Part One.

Update from the bride…

Here is the rest of the story.

– Friday opened new inquiry to find out what happened to contents of mailbox
– Monday called cp, person I spoke with said result of inquiry was:  the contents of mailbox are gone, it has been too long since the mailbox was broken into, the contents are gone.  The person I was speaking to said, if they had known sooner maybe something could have been done.  I did call sooner but cp did nothing.  I asked why no one was contacting me about my inquiries, the person I was speaking with said that she doesn’t know why the investigator was not calling me back because on my file its states ‘clearly’ to call me back.  I asked this person how to file a complaint, she said pretty much call and say everything you are saying to me and we make a note that you are unhappy with the service, I asked then what?  She said that’s about it, they make a record of it and that’s it.

I’m trying to get copies of my inquiries.  Any luck with finding someone to make an official complaint to?

At this time I haven’t heard a response from either the RCMP or Canada Post.

I searched in vain for a contact name or direct number to a complaints department and this is all I could find.  As you can see there is no category for STOLEN MAIL or DENIAL OF SERVICES.

To file a complaint… According to policy set forth on the website…

The complaint resolution process ensures that Canada Post has every opportunity to resolve your complaint. Therefore, you must contact Canada Post Customer Service online or at 1-800-267-1177 (1-416-979-8822 from outside Canada) before appealing to the Ombudsman.

Customer Service agents will attempt to resolve your complaint and provide you with a file number referencing your complaint.

If Canada Post has completed its review of your complaint and you are not satisfied with the proposed solutions, you may appeal to the Ombudsman.

So, the next step is for Heidi to call back (again) and demand a file number.

Hard to say how successful that will be since they haven’t returned any of her calls and refuse to release any information from her.  It’s impossible to make a complaint to the Ombudsman without a file number, but can’t get a file number… Ugh!!!  I tried to download the PDF file used to contact the Ombudsman but the link lead to a corrupt form.  I dug further and found this “Online Request” link.

Unfortunately that doesn’t help Heidi since she still hasn’t received a file number.

The insanity continues…

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