Posted by: Noni | July 26, 2010

Battling Evil…Thoughts. Compassion Quotes to Ponder

Battling Evil…Thoughts.  Compassion Quotes to PonderScotland

I stopped watching the news years ago.

I found that afterwards I felt like crap so I decided that sensationalized media was not a good way to get “educated” on what was happening in the world.  Today I read snippets of headlines on the web and if a story warrants my attention I dig a little deeper and look for verification and authenticity.    As a former journalist, it’s important to me that all facts are checked and descriptors used to evoke a feeling in the reader/viewer be left out.  ( i.e. a tragedy occurred… correction A hurricane hits the region. )  I don’t need a total stranger telling me how to feel about a story.

As for fictional exposure; my consumption of horror, both in literature and visual mediums, has dwindled considerably over the years.  I know it’s not real, but I just get too scared and don’t want to feel that way.   Years ago I  would gobble-up one Steven King novel after another, but now I prefer to read mysteries or light-hearted fare.

Some movies are far too graphic for my tastes.

Orphan (2009)

I don’t need to actually see the leg being chopped off… just show me the axe then pan to the face of the petrified victim.  I thought it might be just a case of me getting old, but my mother suggested I watch a film called “The Orphan” and I had to stop it before the halfway point.  I was terrified!!!

I have the same problem with violent films.  I cover my eyes and turn away.  I don’t remember doing that when I was younger.   For some reason I’ve developed a sensitivity to pain and suffering.  Even if it’s fantasy based, I can’t watch it without getting stirred up.

So, in an effort to equalize the blood and gore reports of the day…

I’ve decided to publish a new quote each day.  You’ll see that there’s a new tab at the top of the page nestled between About and Who’s Noni.  On the Compassion Quotes page you’ll find some inspirational ditties that I hope will soothe your soul and provoke you to practice random acts of kindness.  Okay… that’s a little hokey, but hey… a smile and good thought can’t hurt.

I’ve got a bunch picked out (which I will post daily) and my good friend James (JGVW) has also provided me with some of his wise words .   I invite you to send in your favorites either by comment below or on the Compassion Quotes page directly.

Here’s one of Jame’s quotes to leave you with for today.

Conflict is the environment that supports suffering

Separation is the environment that supports conflict

Fear is the environment that supports separation

Ignorance is the environment that supports fear

Dispel your ignorance

And suffering will dissolve


Check the Compassion Quotes page regularly for new entries.

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