Posted by: Noni | July 23, 2010

Radio Interview on The Lunch and Judy Show | Hear Alison Richards and Judy Stadt chat

Radio Interview on The Lunch and Judy ShowLunch and Judy Show

I was recently a guest of my new dear friend, Judy on her internet radio show, Lunch and Judy.  Judy Stadt is an amazing woman and personifies the energy I love so much of New York City.  I had a fabulous time talking with her and can’t wait for my next trip to the East Coast so we can meet personally.  Her energy is contagious and we seemed to resonate on so many issues.    Unfortunately once you get me started it’s hard to shut me up… So Judy had the challenge of cutting down an hour of conversation to a five minute piece.  Click the link to hear the show.  Enjoy!

Lunch and Judy Show 17: Chat with Alison Richards

Okay… So Judy couldn’t fit it all into one session… Here’s this weeks show with more of my ramblings on what I’m up to. Lunch and Judy Show 18: Chat with Alison Richards

My chat comes at about the halfway mark in both shows.  Thanks Judy!

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