Posted by: Noni | June 29, 2010

Forgot the attachment… Video here now

How many times have you sent an email to someone and forgotten to include the attachment?

I’ve done it plenty of times and I’ve received my fair share of emails which promised a photo, document or video and found none attached.  It’s easy to do.  We focus our energy on the content in the body then click… We hit sent and walk away with a false sense of satisfaction.   Later when we check to see how the recipient has responded we discover our error by their confused reply “nothing attached?”  or “I didn’t get anything?”

Well, I did that with my blog yesterday.

I spent a great deal of time preparing and writing about how I ended up in the world of Transmedia.  I had done hours of research looking for assets to back up my explanation of the newly developed form of entertainment.  A mystic blend of film, video games, social media and books which is sweeping across Asia and Europe and trickling into North America.

I intended to embed a Video…

But, somehow I published the blog and sent out my emails without embedding the crown jewel into the body of my work.  This was the video that I found that captured the essence of Transmedia  storytelling.  Xi is a game produced by nDreams in the UK.  They also make popular games for Facebook like The Spirit of Adventure and have been a leader in this genre.

If a picture tells a 1,000 words… What about video?



  1. Well, at 24 or 30 frames a second, you’re writing about 30K words every second you show…. 🙂


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