Posted by: Noni | June 11, 2010

Follow Friday and New Sites to Explore

Follow Friday and New Sites to Explore

I try to wrap up my week with a new discovery or two and this week was a gold rush Friday.

Through my business groups on Linked In I found some great new tweeters to follow and through Twitter I stumbled upon some amazing new sites.

(Sometimes I get somewhere in the massive expanse of World Wide Web and have no idea how I get there… but who cares if I make a fabulous discovery)

The best new website of the week was conceived by  Christy Dena.  Here’s an excerpt from her “ABOUT” page:

This site was created and is run by Christy Dena, a longtime cross/transmedia educator, researcher and practitioner. She’s written a PhD on transmedia practice; mentored film, TV, gaming and new media practitioners across the globe; worked on multi-million dollar and no-budget transmedia projects; and is now also developing her own creative projects and web services at her company Universe Creation 101. After much prodding from colleagues to talk about sloppy design, and conducting strategy meetings with evil cats, Christy is now opening up with site so we can share our views how the craft of transmedia can improve. The name of the site is from one of Christy’s favourite webisodes:

Christy is wonderfully creative and she won me over instantly with her clever use of a scene from Pulp Fiction as a way to illustrate her point.  If you are at all interested in Transmedia…

Run… Don’t walk to this URL

For those of you who prefer not to get tangled up in high-tech mambo jumbo my apologies for having slobbered all over this page with my geeky drool.  I personally am stoked that at the time of this writing, Christy has already replied to my comment with a nice mention and direction on where to get help for my projects.  Thanks Christy!

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