Posted by: Noni | May 29, 2010

Seven years later, Bare Knuckles – Releasing June 1st

It’s hard to believe that over seven years has passed since Moshe Grunberg brought me the original script for Bare Knuckles. He wanted me to produce the film (about female underground fighting) but after reading the screenplay I refused due to limited interest. In order for me to commit my time, energy and resources to any project I had to love it 100%. There just wasn’t enough to draw my interest although I did recognize the project’s potential since fighting (especially women) was a rapidly growing spectator sport with international audiences.
Years went by and I forgot all about “Moe” (Moshe Grunberg) and his desires to dabble in filmmaking. Until nearly five years later when a good friend, Eric Etebari called me about a feature he was directing. He wanted to see if I was interested in producing for him. I agreed to meet him to get a copy of the script and find out more about his vision. When he handed me “Bare Knuckles” I just laughed and passed it back. I told him that Moe had brought it to me years earlier and I had passed since it held no story appeal for me. He thrust the pages back into my hand and urged me to give it a read. Eric had re-written it for, Jeanette Roxborough, an actress from a Canadian TV series “Witchblade” that he had starred in.
Eric had incorporated several elements from Roxborough’s real life that had given the script a purpose, story and reason for me to jump on the production bandwagon. Instead of a movie about women viciously attacking one another for fame or glory, it became a story of a woman’s struggle to survive and to provide for her special needs child.
Being a mother of 3 myself, I became passionate about helping Eric (and Moe) bring the tale to the big screen.

Bare Knuckles - releasing June 1st, 2010

The battles we waged over the next few years were fought with a fevered dedication to complete this challenging action flick and present a family friendly feature that we could all be proud of. Independent film-making is a business full of risk and heartbreak with only a smattering of productions actually completing let alone releasing. Limited funding, limited resources and a race against the clock places enormous pressures on cast and crew, but… a firm commitment and solid belief in the project can prevail in today’s tough market. Occasionally a film breaks through the barriers to surprise even the harshest critics and ficklest fans… Bare Knuckles does just that.
You’ve likely never heard of Jeanette Roxborough, but after seeing her on screen opposite Marty Kove (Karate Kid) I doubt you’ll forget her. Some of you may recognize Eric Etebari from his appearances on both big and small screen, but you’ll discover there’s more to Eric than good looks, athletic prowess and smoldering sexual energy… his directorial debut proves that he’s just as gifted behind the camera.
This isn’t a movie made by Disney or Universal or Warner. It’s a movie made by a people who believed in the story and who put every ounce of their energy into it. People who reached into their own pockets when the funds ran dry… who worked for pennies on the dollar and who never complained when lunch came late. Bare Knuckles was made because each person involved wanted to raise the bar to a higher level and deliver a film that had a purpose and not just gratuitous violence.
I don’t want to discourage the fight fans, there’s plenty of hitting, kicking and knock downs for all, but we’re proud to present purpose and reason as well. Regardless of the box office, the numbers and the reviews, Bare Knuckles is a film that everyone can watch whether fight fan or not. Pre-order today on the Bare Knuckles site or at

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