Posted by: Noni | December 30, 2009

The Cistine Chapel brought tears to my eyes

Tossing in my coin, to come back

Rome is full of rich history and has an overwhelming amount of sites to see. After a day of touring the Vatican and Museums the final feast for my eyes was the Cistine Chapel… I entered the chapel and was so astonished at the scope of the creation that I was moved to tears.

No photos are permitted there, but none could ever capture the magnitude of the work. As I listened to the audio recording that detailed the process and explained the layout I had to agree that Michael Angelo was a genius. As an artist (filmmaker) I am motivated to reach higher levels. This city has so much creative energy stored in it’s stone walls and marble arches… I am being inspired immeasurably.

Rome has many more treasures to reveal and I am grateful to receive them with each corner I turn. Off to explore… Ciao!


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