Posted by: Noni | December 7, 2009

Noni Goes to the Movies!

I love movies! I work in the entertainment industry for that very reason. I never tire of watching films, whether high budget or shoestring, complex plots or fairy tale remakes… I am fascinated by the process and get enjoyment in all. I find that I learn valuable lessons from bad movies… what not to do… how to improve a weak situation or avoid fake dialogue… My mind swirls in a multitude of directions while I watch.

On the set of "The West Wing"

Back in the old days in Hollywood

Sometimes I find my mind drifting to the process rather than following the story. (Usually in the case of a dull or badly produced flick) I notice the music or sound design, the transitions and camera angles…. All those things should present themselves seamlessly in a well constructed feature. We should be so engrossed in the story that we suspend all disbelief and enter into the moment directly alongside our hero or villain.
My least favorite genre is the most commercially viable and popular. Horror and Supernatural Evil, Zombies, Vampires… these are films I can easily skip. I prefer to forgo gratuitous violence or gory terror. I don’t want to be disturbed by visual brutality. My sleep is riddled with nightmares long after the film is over. I try to convince myself that it’s just a movie, but to me films are all based on reality, so… they haunt me if they are truly evil. I just don’t understand the attraction to these films…? Why are they so popular?
Historical war epics usually bore me; especially if they have long drawn out battle scenes. One to three minutes of battle is long enough to make a point and there has to be a first-rate story attached to keep my interest.
I adore light-hearted romantic comedies (Don’t we all?) that make my heart sing and ache for a true love of my own. When I hear love stories being touted as “chick flicks” I can’t agree. I know many men of all types and ages that love to shed a tear embrace a fine tale of romance.
I sit holding my breath through psychological thrillers. Sometimes I actually have to remind myself to breath! Action, drama, and well executed visual effects set me on the edge of my seat while suspense with unexpected twists leaves me in a state of wonder and awe. I’ve been known to grab the arm of the poor innocent sitting beside me in the theatre. There’s nothing like a good gut grabbing, head jerking gasp to get the blood flowing and heart pumping.
I have no qualms or fear of subtitles and have many favorite international directors that I follow. I hate to watch films that have been dubbed though. The original intensity and emotion of the acting is always lost in the translation and the sync issue with the lips makes me crazy. I’d much rather read the dialogue and listen to the foreign language than watch in English and watch lips flapping unnaturally.
So, check here from time to time for a short review and my take on a film from Hollywood or beyond.


  1. If the Horror movie is written with a degree of sophistication and is also cinematographically artful I can relate to it on a psychological level. I find that facing ones dark-side can be rewarding in a therapeutic way. For instance the movie “In a Dark Place” with Leelee Sobineski was masterfully shot and took you on a riveting journey that could only be in a dark fantasy but didn’t rip your soul apart.


    • Absolutely, I agree. I guess you could say that I like A+ Horror, but can do without the B Horror.


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