Posted by: Noni | October 27, 2009

Alison Richards – Coach and Mentor

Alison Richards – Coach and Mentor

Mentor - Coach

Now offering private mentoring and coaching in Dubai and Vancouver

What I can do for you


I am an award winning director and producer with over 20 years experience in film, television and stage productions. I have taught at leading schools in Hollywood California and Vancouver Canada. I recently relocated to Dubai to assist in developing and nurturing the entertainment industry in the Middle East.
I can guide you in a process to obtain these basic mental skills. I can help you achieve an “acting state of mind.” When you know how and what to focus your mind on, fear just becomes part of the job. If you really want an acting career or if you just want to experiment to see if you can do it and love it, I can equip you with the essential tools.

Flexible times that fit with your busy schedule. Group classes available with certain limitations.

Bring your own material or let me provide it. Tailor make a program with your interests and needs in mind.

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